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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Conference: Strategic Engagement in a New Era, Western Policy Center

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From: "Western Policy Center" <WesternPolicyCenter@WesternPolicy.org>
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2004 5:11 PM
Subject: Conference: Unconventional Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Western Policy Center invites you to attend a conference

This is the fifth in a series of Eastern Mediterranean Security Conferences organized by the Western Policy Center.

The conference will examine the unconventional challenges facing the U.S., NATO allies Greece and Turkey, and other allies and partners in the eastern Mediterranean region and throughout its periphery, including the Balkan, Black Sea, Caucasus, Levant, and northern African areas, in an era of militant Islamist terrorism, WMD proliferation, transnational criminal enterprises, and other asymmetrical threats. The conference panelists will be U.S. government officials and distinguished regional analysts. They will tackle the question of future U.S. strategic engagement in the eastern Mediterranean within the context of Washington’s relations with Greece and Turkey, the potential roles of new NATO allies Bulgaria and Romania, and the broader question of trans-Atlantic security in southeastern Europe, where the Western and Muslim worlds converge.

Wednesday, October 27, 20048:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Location: The Willard Inter-Continental Hotel, The Crystal Room1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20004

Please RSVP by faxing or e-mailing this completed form to Andri Peros at (202) 530-4444 (fax) or peros@westernpolicy.org.

Acceptances only, please.

____ I will attend. NAME: ______________________________
COMPANY: ____________________________
JOB TITLE: __________________________
E-MAIL: _______________________________
PHONE: ____________________________
FAX: __________________________________
Western Policy Center1156 15th Street, N.W. • Suite 500 • Washington, D.C. 20005 • Tel: (202) 530-1425 • Fax: (202) 530-4444


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