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Monday, July 11, 2005

Uzbek Democratic Opposition Leaders Are Establishing Cooperation

Press-Center of The Congress of Democratic Uzbekistan

Washington, DC (10 July, 2005). The Congress of Democratic Uzbekistan accomplished first step of its mission. It brought together leaders of the Uzbek opposition who had not been able to cooperate for the last fifteen years.

As activists fighting dictatorship and for democracy, they decided to establish constructive cooperation. A slogan "who can not win themselves, can not win the others" has began to performing its strength.

On 10 July 2005, leaders of the Uzbek democratic opposition and known politicians living in exile Abdurahim Polat, Muhammad Solih, MuhammadBobur Malikov, Jahongir Mamatov, AbduMannob Polat, Avazkhon Mukhtorov, Sulaymon Murod, Farhod Inoghomboyev and a half-dozen other representatives hold a special meeting of the Uzbek democratic opposition in Alexandria, VA and came to conclusion to work together to organize a Congress.

Chairwoman of the "Ezgulik" Human Rights Society Vasila Inoyatova, visiting the US, took part in the meeting and stressed that the constructive cooperation between and holding a Congress of the Uzbek democratic opposition forces reflects desires of democratic opposition members living in the country.

Meeting participants agreed that Congress should bring together representatives of all groups of the Uzbek democratic opposition and on the need to work on common strategy of peaceful struggle for democracy.

The meeting agreed on combined efforts between existing "Davra Kengashi" (Round Table), Democratic Opposition Coalition and Congress of Democratic Uzbekistan - groups created with the aim to unite democratic opposition.

Statements and appeals calling for fair treatment of Uzbek refugees in Kirghistan and other countries in accordance with international human rights norms and not returning them to Uzbekistan due to possible torture and miss-treatment, they may face there and an appeal to free arrested Uzbek democratic and human rights activists had also been agreed.

Press-Center of The Congress of Democratic Uzbekistan


Jahangir Mamatov, formerly member of Uzbekistan's parliament - jahongir@jahongir.org , 571-203-9225 (h) , 571.277.0140 (m)

Ambassador Muhammad Bobur Malikov, Former Chairman of the Supreme Court, Minister of Justice and First Ambassador Of Uzbekistan to USA - Babur_Malikov@yahoo.com , 703-591-0294 (h)

Dr. AbduMannob Polat, formerly Chairman of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan and Director, Central Asian Human Rights Information Network - AbduMannob@yahoo.com, 703-426-9637 (home/office), 571-344-3013 (cell)

Farhod Inogambaev, formerly Financial Adviser to Gulnora Karimova, daughter of President Karimov of Uzbekistan - Inogamb@AoL.com, 973-615-9689 (h)

AbduMannob Polat (Po'lat), Independent Consultant

Abdumannob@yahoo.com, AbduMannob@hotmail.com

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